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Stray Kitten Finds Irresistibly Cute Way To Befriend Famous Wildlife Photographer

stray-kitten-photographer-Mitsuaki-Iwago-5 stray kitten photographer Mitsuaki Iwago 5

Cats have a reputation for being pretty badass, but in reality they are sweet little creatures constantly seeking love and affection. Famous Japanese wildlife photographer, filmmaker and cat-enthusiast Mitsuaki Iwago was working on a cat-related project when he was reminded why he loves fury felines so much.

Hunched over his camera hard at work, Iwago was approached by a cute stray kitten that had wandered away from his mother. The curious kitten was so taken by the photographer he began walking up his back, becoming comfortable enough to sit atop Iwago’s head. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect considering Iwago was shooting a special on cats for the television company NHK on Okinawa Island.

Iwago explained his process for photographing his fury feline subjects during an interview with the Kawasaki City Museum. He said: “Listen closely, watch closely and take a deep sniff. This will help you develop a ‘cat’s sense’. If you are using your full five senses as you walk around, the instant you turn into an alley you will either smell a cat or know where to look and find one. In doing this, you’re not really using your human eyes – you’re employing your ‘cat’s eyes’. Essentially, because humans are also natural living things, we have the ability to smell and read the air.”

This kitten clearly sensed Iwago’s heightened cat-senses, and as a result he was ready to go home with the famous wildlife photographer!

stray-kitten-photographer-Mitsuaki-Iwago-gif-6 stray kitten photographer Mitsuaki Iwago gif 6stray-kitten-photographer-Mitsuaki-Iwago-1 stray kitten photographer Mitsuaki Iwago 1stray-kitten-photographer-Mitsuaki-Iwago-gif-4 stray kitten photographer Mitsuaki Iwago gif 4

Watch the adorable video for cuteness overload:

Photo Credits: World Cats Travelogue

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Czech Artist Finds Incredible Way To Create Jewelry Out Of Colored Pencils

colored-pencil-jewelry-carbickova-43 colored pencil jewelry carbickova 43

Colored pencils are a staple item in every elementary classroom and preschool cubby, but as it turns out there are more uses for colored pencils than simply coloring in the lines. Czech artist and jewelry designer Anna Čurlejová likes to think outside of the box, and as a result she has uncovered a way to transform colored pencils into fashionable jewelry.

You might have some ideas in your mind about what colored pencil jewelry would look like but Čurlejová defies all expectations. Her work speaks for itself, and she has also won a few awards for her creativity; she took home third place for a logo design competition in 2007-2008.

The artist is constantly seeking ways to get more out of her art. For instance, between 2012 and 2013 she participated in the Erasmus program at the W. Academy of Fine Arts, located in Lodz, Poland.

Anna Čurlejová is now selling her unique collection of colored pencil jewelry on her Etsy store. Her prices are pretty affordable, ranging between $19 and $30+. If you fall in love with any of the pieces you see below, which you are likely to, you know where to buy them!

colored-pencil-jewelry-carbickova-45 colored pencil jewelry carbickova 45colored-pencil-jewelry-carbickova-53 colored pencil jewelry carbickova 53colored-pencil-jewelry-carbickova-50 colored pencil jewelry carbickova 50colored-pencil-jewelry-carbickova-48 colored pencil jewelry carbickova 48colored-pencil-jewelry-carbickova-51 colored pencil jewelry carbickova 51colored-pencil-jewelry-carbickova-44 colored pencil jewelry carbickova 44colored-pencil-jewelry-carbickova-47 colored pencil jewelry carbickova 47colored-pencil-jewelry-carbickova-46 colored pencil jewelry carbickova 46colored-pencil-jewelry-carbickova-49 colored pencil jewelry carbickova 49colored-pencil-jewelry-carbickova-52 colored pencil jewelry carbickova 52Photo Credits: EtsyFacebook

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After Buying A New House, They Discovered Something Shocking Hidden In The Basement

One of the craziest things about buying a new house is learning about the home’s history. Realtors are usually pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the homes they’re selling, but they don’t always know everything. That’s why it’s important to do some digging if you’re really serious about purchasing a house. If you don’t, you could be in for some nasty surprises.

Just ask this family. They didn’t think it’d be necessary to explore every inch of their new home before they bought it, so they didn’t know any of its secrets until later. While walking around in the basement, one family member discovered a secret room. What that room was holding shocked these homeowners more than the space itself.

Before heading upstairs, a strange wooden panel caught the new occupant’s eye. He’d never noticed that board before.

That’s when he decided to investigate.

He quickly figured out that this piece of wood was hiding a secret room.

He decided to explore the hidden space.

As it turns out, the room was a bunker of sorts.

And it was full of gun cases.

After getting over the initial shock of the guns, he noticed that there was a safe in one corner.

Oh, and there was some ammunition to go with those firearms.

The previous owner really didn’t want to run out of bullets.

Okay, this is just excessive.

But wait…

…there’s more!

For real?

Come on!

When he checked the gun cases, he found that almost all of them were empty.

That’s a little unsettling.

The only gun left was an air rifle, and those can’t do much damage.

He also found a ridiculous stash of pennies.

Oh, and there was a grenade.

This could have gone one of two ways. Luckily, the grenade was a dud.

(via Imgur / Jerry)

Imagine finding all of that stuff in your house! That had to be totally insane. Let’s just hope that those guns aren’t stashed somewhere else.

This Tiny Baby Raccoon Fell Out Of A Tree -- And Into A Whole New Life

One day while walking in her hometown of Nassau, Bahamas, Rosie Kemp found a baby raccoon that had fallen out of a tree. The mother raccoon was nowhere to be seen, and the baby was injured and in need of help. Together with her daughter, Laura Young, Kemp decided to nurse the baby back to health.

The mother-daughter team named the little raccoon Pumpkin and when she was recovered, she went to live with Young and her husband — and their two dogs.

It didn’t take long for Pumpkin to settle in…and boy did she fit in well.

“She instantly bonded with us and our two rescue dogs and follows [us] everywhere we go,” Young says.

Like, really well.

Pumpkin and the dogs immediately got along, and now, the trio plays, snuggles, and lives together very happily. Since she was only a baby when she came to live with the Youngs, she simply considers herself part of the pack — and that means respecting the other members.

“She is able to play and be rough with them and she respects them when they have had enough,” Young says, explaining how Pumpkin’s behavior was shaped by her new siblings.

Pumpkin loves hanging out with the dogs, playing outside, and of course getting into just about everything. Raccoons have very dextrous front paws, and are able to do things like open jars and untie knots.

Since they aren’t domesticated the way dogs are, their behavior is very different. Young says that Pumpkin can be “moody,” but for the most part, she’s happy living the domestic life, and enjoys fried eggs, watermelon, and has even learned how to use the toilet.

When It's Lunchtime, This Daddy Does Something Hilarious While Feeding His Baby

When this little girl sits down to each lunch every day, she’s met with something even more awesome than a great meal. Thanks to her adorable dad, she gets a show, too! We’ve all heard of parents who make airplane noises as they spoon feed their little ones, but this guy’s approach to mealtime is far from ordinary.

Are you ready for the most adorable concert you’ve ever seen?


How cute is that? This little girl is lucky that she’s treated to beautiful music along with her favorite snacks every day. I’m not sure how he’s going to top this performance when dinner rolls around, but something tells me that he’ll come up with another epic show when the pressure is on.

What This Girl Does With A Straw Is A One-In-A-Million Shot

If you’re anything like pretty much everyone else on the planet, you love trick shots. After all, it’s absolutely amazing to see what people can do with basketballs, Frisbees, and golf balls when the pressure’s on. But people who pull off epic trick shots with atypical objects are even more impressive. That’s because anyone who’s familiar with shooting hoops probably knows enough about the physicality of basketballs to come up with a cool shot. People who work with weird materials don’t really have that advantage.

Just ask this girl. She made one of the most amazing trick shots that the world has ever seen with a simple plastic straw.


I don’t think the guy next to her had any idea what was going on at first! How did she do that? I’m going to watch this video until I can do it, too.

By Using Some Cardboard, One Man Makes His Sunset Selfies Into Something Epic

Taking photos at sunset is nothing new. After all, with all the gorgeous colors and textures in the sky, it’s the perfect backdrop for any picture. The only thing you have to worry about getting lost in the back light.

But if you’re John Marshall, back light is your best friend. Marshall, a TV producer and author, was living alone on an island in Maine for 30 days. He decided to use his free time to start a project, and to do so, all he needed was some cardboard and a few beautiful Maine sunsets.

Mars House of Pizza

“When Mars House of Pizza says ‘WE DELIVER ANYWHERE,’ they mean it.”

Marshall made three rules for himself when he started this undertaking:

  1. He couldn’t have help, and had only the 10 seconds of the camera’s self-timer to compose the shot.

  2. He could only make props from materials found in his cabin.

  3. He could only use tools available in the cabin to do so.

So nothing fancy ever came anywhere near this project. He found reference material on the Internet, and then he simply cut out some shapes and headed to the beach. We’ve included Marshall’s own captions under each photo, because he’s funnier than we are.

The Chameleon

“While I was watching the sunset tonight, I couldn’t stop blinking. ‘Hey. Do I have something in my eye?’ I asked Keith, my chameleon friend. ‘Yeah,’ Keith said. ‘It’s a bug.’ ‘Can you get it out?’ I asked.”

The Flamingo

“‘In the yoga world, we call this the Standing Tree Pose,’ I said. ‘Oh, in the flamingo world, we call this standing,’ the flamingo replied.”

The Frog Date

“I was about to tell the waiter about the big fly in my soup when my date cleared her throat. ‘Are you gonna eat that?’ she asked.”

The Gorilla

“Today, I was enjoying a sunset banana down by the lake when the most amazing thing happened. All of a sudden, this warm breeze started blowing across my neck, and it smelled just like bananas, too.”

The Grizzly Bear

“When the grizzly bear said he had a frog in his throat, I didn’t know I’d need to reach in and rescue it.”

The Kayak Horse

“For anyone who has ever wondered if their horse would make a good kayak partner…I wouldn’t count on it. Mine didn’t pick up his paddle once.”

The Mermaid

“When I finally got up the nerve to approach the beautiful mermaid down on the beach, a friend suggested I bring her a bouquet of roses. But I had a better idea.”

The Ring Toss

“I can’t think of a better way to wind down at the end of the day than with a little Rhino Ring Toss. For anyone interested, all you need is a rhinoceros and a ring, and you’re good to go.”

The Shark

“Enough with the begging. This is why you do not feed pets at the table.”

Troll Haircut

“The problem with Troll Haircut Day is the brutal monotony of it all. ‘Tapered to a point?’ I asked for the 74th time.”

And here’s the reverse angle!

Not as epic, but totally adorable.

(via BoredPanda)

You can see many more of Marshall’s images on his website, along with some of his other creative endeavors.They’re also on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.

But Marshall does more than take hilarious shadow pictures. He’s also the author of a new book, Wide-Open World, which tells of his family’s adventures as they travel the world volunteering. You can purchase it on his website, too.