This Little Duckling Escaped From A Foie Gras Factory...The Rest Is History

If you want to become familiar with the horrors of the meat industry, I’ll leave that to your own discretion…but for now, I’ll introduce you to one adorable duckling who escaped a life of pain and torture when he wandered away from a foie gras factory.

A worker from that very factory brought him home and gave the lucky baby a chance at a good life…and the rest is truly incredible.

Here’s the happy little guy, safe and sound.

He lives in the countryside in France, with lots of open space to roam about…but there’s just one thing.

He needed a mother figure.

One of the chickens on the worker’s family farm had been nursing her own sterile eggs for quite a while, and she wanted to be a mom so badly that sometimes she’d even care for chestnuts in the yard, hoping they’d turn into baby chicks.

The woman had the bright idea to bring the two together.

At first they were both confused, but soon enough…

The hen recognized the duckling as her very own, and the baby began to follow her everywhere.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone comes out a winner in this story!

(via The Dodo)

It’s amazing what two wounded souls can bring to each other’s lives. Instead of facing a short life filled with cruelty, this duckling is now happily roaming free, and this hen finally got to become the mother she was meant to be!

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How does the cell on the tip of my nose know it is not a liver or brain or any other cell?

How does the cell on the tip of my nose know to perform all the functions of a cell on the tip of my nose? How does it know that it isn’t a cell on the side of my nose (or my liver, brain, etc.).










Symmetrical Symmetrical thumb

It’s all about protein gradients. It’s part of why life is mostly symmetrical or radial. You have a point of origin, let’s say a shoulder area, producing a particular protein during development. As the cells near it replicate to form an arm, the protein made at the origin spreads into them. The further the cells are from the origin, the less protein they have. Eventually, the cells are far enough away that the lack of that protein signals that the new cells being formed should be hand cells. Those hand cells then function as a new point of origin for a different protein radiating outward, which when present on its own forms finger cells and when mixed with the original shoulder protein forms wrist cells. At about a 50/50 mix of hand/shoulder proteins, elbow cells form.

This is a very simplified explanation, as the truth involves the interaction of countless protein gradients and combinations from tons of origin points, but it’s the general way that your body forms and differentiates.

So the cells on the tip of your nose are far enough from the point where your nose meets your face and have little enough of one or, more likely, five thousand nose proteins that they know they should be tip of nose cells as opposed to anything else. They’re obviously not getting “please become feet” proteins because the origin cells for those are much too far away.

So what happens on the micro scale?

DNA DNA thumb

It’s complex. You’ve got so many origins and proteins interacting with all the processes in the cell that it is a pretty perfect map as long as it’s working correctly. Some proteins will enter the nuclei and interact directly with the DNA, activating, promoting, or deactivating different regions. Some will react with other proteins in the cell directly. Some will serve as signals that are read by the membrane proteins of the cells. Some will modify how RNA is transcribed. It’s the most complicated machine you can imagine.

So what determines what proteins are released?

DNA. The DNA in any cell is able to express any protein. Based on its methylation (little sticky buddies that hang out on the DNA), it will want to produce some and not others. Other proteins present in the cell or interacting from nearby cells will also modify which proteins it makes and how much of each. Some proteins will also just straight up bind and inactivate or destroy certain proteins upon their production. Lots of ways to promote and regulate protein expression.

Cells are influenced by the proteins and extracellular structure of everything around them. And if you consider that a protein gradient is potentially originating from many cells away and just spreading trough the nearby cells, then they’re being influenced by cells far away from them as well.

Osmosis is part of it, but it won’t be just 1:1. Cells touch other cells or liquid-filled spaces on all sides, so the osmotic pressures aren’t going to be straightforward. One center cell touched by 12 surrounding cells might have 12 times the concentration of a particular protein than any of the surrounding cells. But even the it wouldn’t be that simple, as each of those surrounding cells have other cells they’re touching.

Then you have to add the fact that proteins aren’t tiny permeable ions, so active and passive transportation channels and protein interactions are going to affect how proteins move between cells.

19 Funny Collar Tags For Pets Who Like To Roam The Neighborhood

funny-collar-tags-18__605 funny collar tags 18 6051

Collar tags help keep pets from getting lost every single day. The first thing people do when they find a lost pet is check their collar to see where they live and what their name is. The standard tag stating your pet’s name, address and phone number works just fine but can be quite a snore. These hilariously personalized pet tags are so much better; they get the job done and make the person who happens to find your adventurous pet laugh.

Microchips are an added bonus, just in case your pet falls into the wrong hands or isn’t found by a kind stranger willing to take him or her home. Regardless if your pet is micro chipped or not, chances are you’re going to want one of these funny collar tags personalized to your favorite furry free spirit.

1. You’ve Been Warned

funny-collar-tags-8__605 funny collar tags 8 605Photo Credit:

2. Truth Be Told…

funny-collar-tags-110__605 funny collar tags 110 605Photo Credit: Unknown

3. I’m Not Lost, Just Pretending The Park Is My Yard

funny-collar-tags-5__605 funny collar tags 5 605Photo Credit: Swaqqalicious

4. Please Call My Dad

funny-collar-tags-29__605 funny collar tags 29 605Photo Credit: 

5. Have Your People Call My People

funny-collar-tags-18__605 funny collar tags 18 605Photo Credit: AliceWr

6. When Rumpole Started Escaping On The Reg He Got A New Collar Tag

funny-collar-tags-13__605 funny collar tags 13 605Photo Credit:

7. Even Assholes Have A Mother That Loves Them

funny-collar-tags-31__605 funny collar tags 31 605Photo Credit: Megan Yelekli

8. I Don’t Know What’s Better… The Tag Or The Cat’s Name… Leo DeCATprio

funny-collar-tags-20__605 funny collar tags 20 605Photo Credit: littlemissunshinee

9. Don’t Even Think About It… I’m Not Lost

funny-collar-tags-14__605 funny collar tags 14 605Photo Credit: nerdburg 

10. “We Moved, So I Had To Get The Dog And Cat New Name Tags”

funny-collar-tags-27__605 funny collar tags 27 605Photo Credit: scnavi

11. #HELP

funny-collar-tags-4__605 funny collar tags 4 605Photo Credit: TheEvilBot

12. One Way To Scare Anyone That Finds Your Pet

tag__605 tag 605Photo Credit: Angelina Paez

13. Hello Neighbor… I Think I Found Your Pussy… Cat

funny-collar-tags-1__605 funny collar tags 1 605Photo Credit: DogWhispererFrmHell


funny-collar-tags-21__605 funny collar tags 21 605Photo Credit: kisswithafist

15. I Need This Collar… For Myself

funny-collar-tags-33__605 funny collar tags 33 605Photo Credit: Etsy

16. The Adventurous Cat With An Email Address

funny-collar-tags-16__605 funny collar tags 16 605Photo Credit: Unknown

17. Lost Or Not, Zero Woofs Given

funny-collar-tags-331__605 funny collar tags 331 605Photo Credit:

18. Real Life For Dogs

funny-collar-tags-9__605 funny collar tags 9 605Photo Credit:

19. If You Find Me You’ll Love Me, But Please Take Me Back Home

funny-collar-tags-19__605 funny collar tags 19 605Photo Credit: peptotums

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Beers And Braids: Hair Salon Is Teaching Dads How To Do Their Daughter’s Hair By Offering Beer

dads-learn-hair-styling-daughters-beer-braids-envogue-salon-denver-18 dads learn hair styling daughters beer braids envogue salon denver 18

A hair salon in Denver has come up with the perfect way to lure dads in for hair styling lessons… a contest! The salon holds lessons to teach dads how to do their daughter’s hair and the dad that gives the best hairstyle wins a free six-pack of beer.

The owner of Envogue Salon came up with the idea for ‘Beers and Braids’  after one of his partners was late to a business meeting because he didn’t know how to do his daughter’s hair. The idea has been such a success that they plan to start up a similar event for moms too.

Dads don’t always know how to do their daughter’s hair but they should because it makes for a great bonding activity. Plus, what daughter doesn’t love it when her dad takes the time to style her hair all pretty?

Dads are given a beer while they work at learning the many different hairstyles young ladies like to sport. In one hour they learn three different styles. Most dads start with the basic ponytail and work up from there.

Once the hour-long hair lesson is complete daughters sport their best hairstyle out on the salon’s runway for the competition portion of the event. This gives the girls a chance to show off their hair and get plenty of cheers. The stylists then pick the winning hairdresser for the prize.

dads-learn-hair-styling-daughters-beer-braids-envogue-salon-denver-14 dads learn hair styling daughters beer braids envogue salon denver 14Calli Hueble-Bodilis says some dads are incredibly nervous at Beers and Braids, she said one dad’s hands were shaking the entire time. In an interview with Yahoo Beauty she said, “They’re definitely intimidated by the braids, and the ponytail can be the hardest. The guys’ hands are so big, and with their tiny daughters, the dads get frustrated.”

Teaching dads how to do hair isn’t the biggest challenge; instead it’s keeping all of the little girls still while dad learns how to do their hair, sometimes at snail-speed.

dads-learn-hair-styling-daughters-beer-braids-envogue-salon-denver-gif-2 dads learn hair styling daughters beer braids envogue salon denver gif 2One dad said he doesn’t always listen to his wife when she instructs him how to do hair, and admits it’s nice to get instructions from someone else. It also helps to be surrounded by other dads in the same exact situation.

dads-learn-hair-styling-daughters-beer-braids-envogue-salon-denver-15 dads learn hair styling daughters beer braids envogue salon denver 15dads-learn-hair-styling-daughters-beer-braids-envogue-salon-denver-17 dads learn hair styling daughters beer braids envogue salon denver 17Kids, dads, moms, and pretty much everyone is loving the idea for Beers and Braids, so much so the hair salon has had to add more dates to keep up with demand. The day itself is incredibly special, but so too are the skills dad learns in regards to styling hair.

dads-learn-hair-styling-daughters-beer-braids-envogue-salon-denver-gif-3 dads learn hair styling daughters beer braids envogue salon denver gif 3dads-learn-hair-styling-daughters-beer-braids-envogue-salon-denver-19 dads learn hair styling daughters beer braids envogue salon denver 19dads-learn-hair-styling-daughters-beer-braids-envogue-salon-denver-132 dads learn hair styling daughters beer braids envogue salon denver 132

Photo Credits: envoguesalondenver.comFacebook

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These People Failed So Hard That It's Almost Tough To Watch. Almost.

Is there anything better than watching other people fail? After all, it makes us glad that we’re not them, and we live vicariously through their shortcomings. What’s not to like?

This video is filled with people making us feel better about ourselves. These people fail so hard, in fact, that it’s almost hard to watch. Almost.

(source Newsinc / Jukin Media)

I don’t know about you, but I feel better about myself — and a little bit bad. I laughed so hard at those fails, but after watching that, I hope everyone is okay. Everything just looked so painful!

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A Plump Baby Skunk And Fennec Fox Adorably Wrestle Together

Most wild animals may be powerful and full of majesty, but these unique best friends are just wildly cute. Watch as a baby skunk and a fennec fox play together…they’ll leave you smiling like a maniac.

Meet Milo and Flower. You will immediately fall in love with them.

The fennec fox is named Milo…

…and the baby skunk is named Flower.

The two are such best friends because they are being raised together at Amazing Animal Ambassadors, a Massachusetts-based organization dedicated to teaching children and adults alike about the wild world around them. These babies visit classrooms, summer camps, libraries, and hospitals together, spreading knowledge and insane levels of cuteness.

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Street Art Group Transforms Mexico Community With Brilliant Rainbow Mural

rainbow mural mexico rainbow mural mexico

Photo Credit: German Crew via Huffington Post

Adding a little color can change an entire community – as an innovative way to reduce violence and unite a local community, the Mexican government asked street art group “German Crew,” a local graffiti crew and youth organization focusing on alternative forms of communication like graffiti, murals, social studies research and documentation, to paint over the 209 houses in the district of Palmitas in Pachuca.

In over 215,000 square feet of wall, the street artists formed a massive rainbow of colorful stripes. In addition to spreading vibrant beauty from bottom to top, according to streetartnews as reported by Bored Panda, the impact has been extremely positive: 452 families, or 1808 people, were affected by this project, resulting in violence among youths being entirely eradicated.

This beautiful piece of street art has not only demonstrated how graffiti can be used as a means of social change by the public sector, but also what an important influence one’s living environment and its appearance is for one’s living conditions and way of life.

In an interview translated and paraphrased from “The City Loves You,” Luis Enrique Gómez Guzmán, a “Germen Crew” spokesperson, explained that the mission was to create a mural on an irregular surface, on houses in a place that’s gradually built based on the popular materials, economy, and architecture.

Guzmán also noted that the project was one of their biggest challenges; to create a language that homogeneously blends together community, architecture, history, and art by experimenting with alternate ways of relating to the public.

The project followed a mission similar to a mural the street art group painted last year, which covers two blocks outside a flower market in Mexico City.

“Graffiti, art and its history have transformed us and allowed us to avoid falling in perdition and make bad decisions,” Uriel del Rio, a crew member, further explained. “From of our experience, we propose it can change the lives of others.”

Before the colorful transformation:

german crew2 german crew2

Photo Credit: German Crew via

And after:

german crew4 german crew4

germany crew5 germany crew5

german crew3 german crew3

Architects Who Refused to Cut Down Trees Create Ingenious Buildings

tree inside house tree inside house

Photo Credit: Architizer

Instead of working against nature, chopping down trees and putting up structures on bare land, there are more than a few architects who refused to cut down trees and were able to create rather ingenious buildings like these by incorporating the trees as part of them.

Pictured above, Archi-Union in Shanghai designed the “Tea House,” located in the backyard of the firm’s J-office, it’s constructed from the salvaged parts of the original warehouse’s collapsed roof. The space was severely restricted for a number of reasons, including a mature tree. Instead of taking it out, a small triangular balcony was extended around it.

Casa Vogue

tree inside 2 tree inside 2

Photo Credit:

A tree called “Bethany” is the centerpiece of this home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It passes through a ten-foot hole in the floor slab and up through the ceiling of the living room. Architect Alessandro Sartore also accommodates a second tree in the garage, keeping as much of the original landscape intact as possible and bringing the natural landscape indoors.

Urban Tree House

urban tree house urban tree house

Photo Credit:

German firm Baumraum is responsible for many of the world’s coolest modern treehouses. The Urban Treehouse preserves the trees on a nearly 7,000-square-foot privately owned wooded property within the city limits, integrating nature and architecture.

Kook Restaurant

tree inside house3 tree inside house3

Photo Credit:

Based in Rome, Mohamed Keilani and Luca Gasparini, the founders of the young Noses Architects created Kook restaurant around its centerpiece, an olive tree, a symbol of Mediterranean tradition, placed in a glass cage, adding warm wood to the cold concrete.

Cylindrical Glass House Built Around a Tree

glass house tree glass house tree

Photo Credit:

glass house tree2 glass house tree2

This modern tree house sits among a forest of fir trees and was designed by A. Mascow Architects out of Kazakhstan.

Meet the Rarely Seen Ribbon Seal, One of Nature’s Great Works of Art

ribbon seal swag2 ribbon seal swag2

Photo Credit: Ice Stories

The ribbon seal is not something that most of us ever get the chance to see, that’s because the Arctic species isn’t like most other seals – it spends most of its life at sea, swimming the frigid waters off Alaska and Russia and typically shuns dry land.

Satellite tracking studies have revealed that ribbon seals do sometimes make it as far as the north Pacific Ocean, south of the Aleutian islands, but much about the species remains mysterious. Because they spend so much of their lives in the open water, it’s a challenge to track them. One lone ribbon seal somehow made its way to the Puget Sound in the waters south of Seattle in 2012, shocking the woman whose dock it was hanging out on as she had no idea what it was – and neither did Matthew Cleland, district supervisor in western Washington for the USDA’s Wildlife Services.

ribbon-seal-seattle-120119-02 ribbon seal seattle 120119 02

Named for the unmistakable stark white markings that ring their necks, flippers and hindquarters, they truly look like a piece of art.

They aren’t born with their beautiful stripes, however.

baby ribbon seals baby ribbon seals e1438348427391

Photo Credit:

The babies look like soft, velvety clouds of unbridled joy. Newborn, they weigh in at around 20 pounds, and over the next three to four weeks, they’ll gain an extra 44 pounds or so. After a month, they’ll be completely abandoned by mom on an ice floe, right when they’re so fat they can barely swim. Then, they spend the next three weeks living off nothing but their fat stores while they teach themselves how to survive. It usually takes another two months before a ribbon seal pup can swim as well as the adults, and it’ll start off hunting small crabs and prawns before working their way up to the seals’ preferred diet of squid, walleye pollock and eelpouts.

At around five weeks old, that’s ribbon seal pups will molt away their thick, grey coats to reveal their striped pajamas beneath, and these will continue to develop over the next three years as the seal approaches sexual maturity.

The only active predators of ribbon seals are humans, though fortunately, hunting them has decreased in recent decades. With no natural predators and drastically reduced instances of hunting, the seals should be increasing in numbers, but as an entirely ice-dependent species, climate change may severely affect them in the future.