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Ever Wonder What It's Like To Drop Acid? This Artist Actually Lets You See

First of all, we here at ViralNova do not condone drug use. But very rarely, like in this case, we can see some fascinating results thanks to controlled experimentation. Drug use is not something that usually results in great art (despite what you might think), but art can be a great way of charting the effect of a drugs on the mind and body.

Reddit user whatafinethrowaway demonstrated this by posting the drawings a friend made when she took LSD, and the results are pretty interesting.

The Reddit user’s friend took LSD for the first time, and drew herself at various intervals. This is her at 15 minutes, before the drug had taken effect.

We assume the swirl below the portrait was just a test of the pencils.

By 45 minutes, some effects began to manifest.

They also recorded their conversations, originally in French:

“Are you feeling anything?”


“Those are some bright colors!”

“Yeah. That’s probably gonna get worse.”

At one hour and 45 minutes, the colors intensify.

At two hours and 15 minutes, things start to change shape.

“That was a good idea, buying colored pencils.”

After three hours, those classic psychedelic patterns began to appear.

“I didn’t draw the eyes. Do you want me to draw the eyes? I don’t feel like drawing the eyes.”

This was drawn four hours and 45 minutes into the trip. By this point, the subject was drawing in a dim light.

“Here you go. I’m violet. Usually, I draw the eyes at the very end, because I don’t want the picture to look at me while I’m drawing it. Here, I didn’t want the picture to look at me at all.”

At six hours, things started getting really weird.

“I lost the black pencil. I only had the colored ones.”

At six hours and 45 minutes, this happened.

By the eight-hour mark, the subject began drawing again after listening to some Pink Floyd.

And at eight hours and 45 minutes, it seemed that the epic strangeness had returned.

“During the previous one, I tried to draw what was inside my head, but in the middle of it, things were happening outside my head instead.”

After nine hours, everything started returning to normal. Here’s what a comedown portrait looks like.

“Do you want to draw a last one? Like, a normal one?”

“I’ll try.”

We assume that whatafinethrowaway’s friend recovered from her trip, and now has these souvenirs of her journey into the psychedelic. Again, we don’t support drug use, but it’s hard to deny that the effects on perception and expression are pretty fascinating.

Don’t do drugs, kids.

It Is Absolutely Unacceptable To Have A Family Hug Without This Dog

We’ve all had our moments where, whether we want to or not, jealousy just gets the better of us. Sometimes there is simply no stopping that green-eyed monster from rearing its ugly head.

However, this hilarious pup doesn’t seem to feel any shame about his envious ways. When the cutie sees his humans hugging, he won’t stop barking until he’s involved in their warm embrace, too. Sure, it’s kind of bratty, but also too cute to deny.

Hey, it’s always better to share the love! Especially when you have someone as adorable as this little dude to share it with.

Normal Cats May Hate Baths, But This Lion Loves Cooling Off In The Water

When I try to put my cat in the bath, the struggle is real. Because if there’s one thing he hates more than bathing, I haven’t found it yet. While you’d think that this is pretty normal — it’s well-known that all cats hate water — it’s actually not the case.

At least not for the bigger cat varieties…

For this male lion, this is the equivalent of a full day at the spa. Let’s just hope he tips his handler well…some nice kisses, I’m sure, would be much appreciated.

When This Puppy Plays Hide-And-Seek, He Really Goes All Out...

When this family got home, they called for Zeus, their six-month-old rottweiler, to come out and play. But when he didn’t run to them, they went looking for him in all the usual places. From the bedroom, to his bed, he was nowhere to be found.

They never expected to find him in this adorable — and absolutely hilarious — spot…

I think this is one lesson Zeus is going to take to heart: never stick your head through a hole you don’t know how to get out of.

Dog Paddling Should Be Natural, But This Pup's Technique Is Hilarious

Teaching dogs how to swim is a lot easier than teaching humans. Dogs are pretty much natural swimmers, and they often get the hang of it on their first try.

But when this pup went swimming for the first time, he made it perfectly clear that a few lessons were in order. Watching him paddle around in the water might just be the funniest thing ever.

This pooch’s first attempt at swimming is hysterical. You could say that he made a real splash!

Steve Cutts’ Harsh Illustrations Highlight The Sad Truth About Today’s World

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-7 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 7

There are many sad truths about today’s world, including the fact we have created a world that is far more stressful than it needs to be. Instead of being happy with what we have, food, water, sunshine, love, we want more. More. MORE. We are a consumer-driven society so obsessed with the latest designer goods and tech gadgets that we are willing working ourselves to death for literally no reason at all.

London-based illustrator and animator Steve Cutts wishes our world were a different place, and so he’s decided to do something about it by using his artwork as a catalyst for change.

Back in the day Cutts had two decisions: work at McDonalds or study Fine Arts, he decided to go all in with the arts and he hasn’t looked back since. Post-graduation Cutts worked at Glueisobar as the main storyboard concept artist. He has since moved to freelance work, as well as trying to change the world with his harsh illustrations.

Steve Cutts is well known for his videos and illustrations that depict the sad truth about today’s world. He has endless material to base his artwork on, after all says the “insanity of humanity is an endless pool of inspiration.”

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-11 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 11Research has found money can make you happier but only to a certain extent. Any salary higher than $75,000 a year does not translate to more happiness. You’re working yourself to death for no reason.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-6 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 6

The average American eats nearly 3,000 calories per day, an increase of over 1,000 calories since 1970.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-9 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 9

Apple made $57.6 billion dollars last year.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-2 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 2

46,000 to 58,000 square miles of forest are leveled every year thanks to overpopulation and greedy human nature.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-1 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 1

The average person looks at their phone 150 times a day.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-4 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 4

1 in 4 people eat fast food at least once every single day.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-17 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 17

Britons are working more than 48 hours a week, the most ever documented in local history.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-12 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 12

77% of Americans said their pet influences their travel plans.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-13 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 13

One in three people living in the UK will go into debt to pay for Christmas presents.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-15 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 15

In 2010, 6 companies controlled mainstream media, now that number is only 5.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-16 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 16

Americans produce enough trash to fill 63,000 garbage trucks EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-8 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 8

The top 1% earners control more than 1/3 of all wealth.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-14 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 14

More than 3,000 animals die every second in slaughterhouses around the world. By adopting a vegan diet you save as many as 95 animals per year.

modern-world-caricature-illustrations-steve-cutts-10 modern world caricature illustrations steve cutts 10Photo Credits: stevecutts.comfacebooktwitter

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Meet Bubba The Cat, The World’s First Feline High School Student

enhanced-25077-1440278995-5 enhanced 25077 1440278995 5

Meet Bubba the cat from San Jose, California. This cat loves going to school so much they made him an official student… no, really.

It all started back in 2009 when Amber Marienthal adopted the pretty feline and named him Bubba. Amber and her family wanted Bubba to be an indoor cat, but he found that laughable at best. Bubba, just like a butterfly, can’t be caged. And so Bubba did what he could to kick up a storm and prove he needed outdoor privileges. It didn’t take long for the clever cat to win his way.

edit-16959-1440281629-4 edit 16959 1440281629 4Once Bubba had a chance to roam free outside he realized he couldn’t be living in a more convenient location. The Marienthals’ home sits between Leland High School and Bret Harte Middle School, two destinations Bubba thoroughly enjoys visiting. In fact, he takes turns hanging out at both campuses every single day, all day long.

enhanced-9819-1440278722-5 enhanced 9819 1440278722 5Lucky for Bubba, he’s irresistible and both students and staff adore him—just as he knew they would.

enhanced-10357-1440278424-2 enhanced 10357 1440278424 2In an interview with the San Jose Mercury News Amber explained, “He’s really social and he has no fear.”

As a result he gets plenty of treats!

enhanced-23210-1440282187-2 enhanced 23210 1440282187 2Bubba freely roams both the middle school and high school, so you never know where you’ll find him, maybe in your locker or in the next chair over listening to the teacher’s lecture. He’s always around, after all: “He waits for school to start, and he doesn’t come home until all the sports are done.”

enhanced-14090-1440282843-7 enhanced 14090 1440282843 7The kids at school love him so much they made him a Facebook page to document his daily adventures as the world’s first public school student that is also a cat. He’s a real meow with over 37,000 followers.

enhanced-4263-1440278558-1 enhanced 4263 1440278558 1There is currently a petition going around campus to create a statue in Bubba’s honor.

enhanced-498-1440278590-1 enhanced 498 1440278590 1When we told you Bubba is an official student we weren’t joking. They even made him a student ID card, just in case the hall monitors try and give him a hard time between classes.

enhanced-419-1440278363-1 enhanced 419 1440278363 1Bubba loves going to school, so much so his owner believes there is absolutely no stopping him, ever. He doesn’t care how many times he graduates he’s not going anywhere. Amber said, “As long as he’s alive, I think he’ll hang out at the school.”

edit-15637-1440279326-10 edit 15637 1440279326 10Photo Credits: Facebook: bubbatheschoolcat

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She Looked EVERYWHERE For Her Glasses...Finally, She Hilariously Found Them Here

When one woman’s reading glasses went missing, it seemed like the Sunday crossword would never get finished. That was it! But when her dog came trotting into the kitchen, she figured out exactly where her glasses had gone…

Clearly, he wanted a more dignified look!

Okay, smartypants…what’s next?

If you’re gonna look the part, you’d better learn to play it, too! What are you reading lately, pup? A little Nabokov, perhaps? Or are you more of a Hemingway kinda guy?

When They Were Eating Dinner, This Family Got The Most Amazing Surprise

A son sat down on the couch to open a present one day while his parents looked on. The gift was from his wife, and even though he already knew what was inside, his parents definitely didn’t.

Mom didn’t know what to say at first, but when she and Dad put it together, cuteness ensued.

Source: Son surprises parents with pregnancy “gift” reveal by howardcord on Rumble

It’s easy to see that this baby is about to be met with so much love! It must’ve been so hard to keep the big news a secret, but judging by that reaction, it was so worth it.

Never Lose Your Keys Again With This Cute, Clever Key Holder

It’s happened to all of us: your alarm didn’t go off, you’re insanely late for work, and you realize with horror that you have no idea where your keys are. You could have sworn you left them on the counter, but they’re nowhere to be found. Fifteen minutes of frantic searching later, and you discover them tucked into the pocket of the jeans you wore, like, last week. How did they even get there? Now you’re really late. Why can’t there just be a simple, foolproof solution?

Well, now there is. Pluginz are a cute, clever way of storing all your keys in one convenient place. Because of the unique design, there’s no chance that your keys will get knocked off and lost.

Built to look like tiny little amps, these key holders use audio jack attachments to keep your keys in one place.

For you music buffs out there, they come in a variety of styles to reflect your tastes.

All you have to do is plug in the cool little key chains that come with the set.

And the different jacks let you keep multiple key sets organized at the same time.

It’s also really satisfying to hear that little noise they make when you snap them into place.

Simply attach it to a wall next to the door, and you’ll never lose your keys again!

(via My Modern Met)

You can get your very own Pluginz on the brand’s website, and keep up with their latest models and products on Instagram and Facebook.

13 Insane Ways That Tobacco Companies Have Tried To Sell Cigarettes

By now, most of us know that cigarettes are bad. If you still believe that they aren’t, you are either in denial. or you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades. As far as I know, people typically do everything they can do avoid death, so inhaling hundreds of cancer-causing chemicals just isn’t the best idea.

But back in the day, we didn’t have as much information about cigarettes as we do now. For that reason, advertisements for these products were actually pretty insane. Have a look at some of the craziest things cigarette companies have ever said to sell cigarettes.

1. Heal your throat pain by dousing your throat with chemicals!

Cigarette companies used to fight over which brand caused the least throat pain. But they all caused throat pain…because they were all cigarettes.

2. They’ll cure what ails you.

There was a time when it was believed that cigarettes could help cut healing time in half.

3. Kids love them!

This ad shows a child smoking, and the parents aren’t upset at all. In fact, they seem to think it’s pretty funny.

4. There are lighter options.

There was a time when Marlboro advertised their light cigarettes as being “healthy.” Sure, they may have been a bit better for you than regular cigarettes, but they were still cigarettes.

5. Ladies just can’t get enough of the dainty ones!

Virginia Slim cigarettes were marketed toward women, and were advertised as being able to help you stay thin.

6. They’ll help you get rid of those nasty flu symptoms.

In this ad, it states that smoking can help relieve the pain of asthma, coughing, hay fever, the flu, and shortness of breath…which were all probably caused, at least in part, by smoking.

7. Okay, they’re not so great, but these filters make them less terrible!

After a while, it became known that cigarettes were dangerous and unhealthy. The introduction of filters allowed advertisers to say that smoking could be healthy if properly filtered before inhalation. Which is a lie.

8. They’ll help calm those nerves!

Many people still believe this today, but in reality, the chemical compounds in tobacco and nicotine are stimulants. They’re doing the complete opposite of helping you relax.

9. Digest unhealthy cheesecake with some unhealthy cigarettes!

Some ads that ran in the 1930’s claimed that cigarettes could aid in digestion.

10. Ladies love it when you blow smoke at them!


11. You’ll never feel tired again.

Back in the day, cigarettes were advertised as being able to keep people awake and alert….which totally refutes the claim that they have a calming effect.

12. They make wonderful birthday gifts!

Some companies even suggested passing down the deadly habit to your children! Heartwarming.

13. If your doctor does it, then it’s fine.

Doc loves Camel, so you should too.

(via All Day)

These advertisements explain why much of my grandparents’ generation suffered such awful ailments. Companies clearly showed no regard for their consumers back then, but fortunately, times have changed. Even cigarette packages are printed with health and safety warnings today. It’s crazy what people will do for the almighty dollar.