This Serene Temple Was Created Using Something So Unexpected, Your Jaw Will Drop

It’s hard to hate recycling. Sure, it means another bin or two in your home, but it also means fewer landfills in the world. After all, glass, paper, and plastic are all made from finite materials, so recycling lets us use a lot less of the world’s non-renewable resources. You probably even have quite a few items made from recycled materials in your home right now.

But what would an entire building made from recycled materials look like? (No, we’re not talking about a church made from repurposed skulls.) Instead of using recycled bottles to make other bottles, a temple in Thailand used them for an even greater purpose: the actual temple itself!

This is the beautiful Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew, better known as the Million Bottle Temple.

From far away, this Buddhist temple looks a beautiful jade structure on a serene lake. It rests near the Cambodian border in the Sisaket province of Thailand, and has served the community of Khun Han since ground was broken in 1984.

The temple gets its nickname from the fact that it’s actually made from nearly 1.5 million bottles.

In the eighties, a local monk and his followers noticed a mounting litter problem in the area. With the idea of promoting a healthier, litter-free community, the group started the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew. The locals brought monks recyclable bottles, which were used to build every part of the temple.

Everything inside and outside the temple is made using recycled beer bottles.

This railing, for instance, is made from Heineken and Chang bottles.

The place is littered with bottles (in the non-polluting sort of way).

The temple also features religious decorations and dioramas made from bottle caps, further stretching the monks’ given materials.

The Million Bottle Temple expanded over the years to include sleeping quarters, working bathrooms, and a crematorium.

Nothing says “recycling” like a crematorium made out of recycled materials.

(via Slate, Atlas Obscura, Daily Mail)

The temple is still under construction, as bottles are continuously added in the hopes of building even more parts of the temple. One has to wonder, however, how this temple gets rid of their other recyclable materials. Between all those beer bottles and cap sculptures, there has to be a “paper only” basket somewhere.

When He Was Found They Said He'd Never Walk -- Now, It Looks Like There's Hope!

Earlier this year, animal control in Chicago answered the call for a pup found in a dumpster. If the fact that he was tossed aside like trash wasn’t enough, the poor eight-month-old Pit Bull also suffered from a bad back injury. Someone had clearly abused him using blunt force trauma. It’s horrifying to imagine.

But the little guy’s luck changed when the folks from Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue heard about his case. Now going by Josh, they brought the cutie to a veterinarian to see if there was any hope for his hind legs. Sadly, they were told that surgery wouldn’t be able to help him walk again.

After getting some much-needed rest, he was taken in by foster mom Erin Kowalski. As the founder of Bialy’s Wellness Foundation, an organization that aids special needs animals, the two made a perfect fit.

Both organizations are now working together, intent on helping Josh have the happiest, healthiest life possible.

He receives regular sessions of physical therapy, laser therapy, hydrotherapy, Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, acupuncture, and daily massages from Kowalski, a trained canine masseuse.

He also has his own set of hot wheels, but he only spends a few hours a day strapped in.

More of his time is spent rocking this outfit, known as a “scoot suit,” that allows him to get around without harming his skin.

After just a few months of therapy, he has already gained a lot of strength back, and is even shown signs of voluntary movement in his hind legs.

This tough guy clearly isn’t giving up without a fight.

Unfortunately, the financial aspects of his many therapies do add up…

On average, his basic monthly care comes to about $1,400.

Donations and discounts from friendly businesses help. They all hope that he will someday be able to walk again.

(via Facebook, PetFlow)

Josh has a long way to go before that becomes a reality, but just one look at this cutie’s determined face makes it all seem possible. You can help by donating to his care on Paypal, and stay tuned for updates (and adorable photos!) on his Facebook page.

A Scared Stray Dog Was Hiding In This Tree - Wait 'Til You See Where She Was

A dog living in a hollowed-out tree with window-like openings sounds like an interesting fairytale. However, in reality, this abandoned pup hiding away in a tree was scared, hungry, cold, and completely afraid of humans. Luckily, animal control officers in northern California were on the case.

This is the twisty-turny tree that the little Chihuahua, Boo, was hiding in.

The passageways were narrow and nearly vertical in some spots.

Rescuers used a hose (but no water) to try and ease the scared pooch out of her hiding spot.

She hadn’t had any interaction with humans before, so she didn’t particularly care to start now.

But with a little extra persuasion and time (over an hour), Boo came to their calls.

She even had a nice bubble bath at the shelter.

It took Boo a bit to accept being in the care of humans.

She still needs a little extra persuasion with treats and sweet talk to come out of her hiding places.

Hopefully, Boo comes around so she can find her forever home.

She shouldn’t have to spend cold nights tucked away in a dark tree trunk!

(source Facebook / The Secret Life Of Dog Catchers)

Shirley Zindler, author of The Secret Life Of Dog Catchers, is the woman behind the scenes on this rescue. When Boo was too scared to stay at a foster home, Zindler took her into her own home. Boo’s journey to puppy normalcy is going to be a long one, as the crucial developmental years of her life were lacking human companionship.

Still, we hope that Boo will come around. Until then, be sure to read Zindler’s book. A portion of the book’s sales go to animal and children’s causes.

Can't Sew To Save Your Life? Have No Fear — No-Sew DIY Crafts Are Here

There are a lot of people out there who love to sew — who love doing crafts that involve needles, thread, pin cushions, and thimbles. There are a ton of DIY crafts out there for those people. But what about the rest of us who aren’t so good at sewing, or really just don’t like it all?

It turns out that there are actually lots of nifty DIY crafts that require zero (that’s right) zero sewing. No sharp needles, no tangled threads, just stylish fabrics and clever crafts. Check out some of these cool no-sew projects below.

1. Turn a men’s shirt into a cute dress.

See how it’s done here.

2. Craft a comfy bed for your favorite pup.

Find full instructions here.

3. Add a cute pocket to a summertime tee.

Just follow these simple steps.

4. Add this awesome clutch to your wardrobe.

Get the full tutorial here.

5. Throw a dinner party in style with these burlap utensil holders.

Learn how to make these here.

6. Create some bold and beautiful striped curtains.

It’s easier than it looks — here’s a step-by-step guide.

7. Give your lamp shades a little life.

See how to make this no-sew craft here.

8. No sewing needed with this cool tote bag.

Now this one is DIY gold.

9. Create an adorable fabric flower headband.

Here’s how to make this neat headband.

10. Protect a favorite book with a crafty denim cover.

Find out how to make this stylish book cover here.

11. Give your office chair some pizzazz without pulling out the sewing kit.

Get directions here.

12. Create a unique multi-strand scarf without a needle and thread.

Master this stylish take on the scarf here.

13. Make some of these cute scalloped shorts.

Do this and all your friends will be jealous.

14. Give your dog some style with a no-sew bow.

For simple instructions on how to make your dog the cutest on the block, click here.

15. Lend your phone a little personality with this quirky case.

See how it’s done here.

16. Build one of these amazing roman shades.

Make one for yourself using these directions.

17. Add some comfy pillows to your sofa without ever touching a sewing machine.

See? There are plenty of things you can make that don’t require sewing skills. No more pricked fingers — just cute crafts.

These Iconic Walls In Ireland Have Lasted Years, But Are Held Together By Nothing

Ireland is known for its rolling green hillsides and expansive skies. Yet if you travel across the Emerald Isle, you’ll notice something else, too: hundreds and hundreds of miles of stone walls zig-zagging across the fields. These intricate walls parcel the land into strange shapes that seem to have no reason at all behind them. They look like they should be marking out property lines, but there’s nothing around, save for miles of intersecting stone walls. So what are they?

The walls criss-cross the sides of the Partry Mountains in County Mayo.

First, a little geology: Ireland is mainly composed of limestone. Under more than half the island is a layer of hard, blue limestone, or Carboniferous limestone, which formed about 370 million years ago. You don’t have to dig deep to find this stone, and because of its abundance and easy accessibility, it’s been a favorite building material in Ireland for thousands of years, dating back to the Stone Age.

This house at Inisheer, on the Aran Islands, is made of the same limestone as the walls.

Because the stone was so plentiful, farmers would run into it — literally — while plowing fields. A successful field had to be clear of stones, and so they would be dug out of the soil and simply placed aside. They were also useful when it came to delineating property boundaries and separating fields. Today, those properties no longer exist, but the walls remain.

A wall in Burren.

The amazing thing about the walls is that they have no mortar to hold the stones together, yet have held up against the elements for hundreds of years. They do collapse from time to time, but the precarious stacks hold up remarkably well.

One of the best places to see these walls is on the Aran Islands on Ireland’s west coast. Here, the walls have the usual purposes of marking property and separating fields and livestock, but they also have an agricultural purpose. The soil on the Aran Islands comes in a very thin layer and would blow away in the wind, but the stone walls serve as barriers and keep the soil in place.

From the air, the walls make the landscape of the Aran Islands into a checkerboard.

The Aran Islands are emerging as a tourist destination, with Celtic and early Christian heritage sites that include fortifications and monasteries.

A stone wall on the Aran Islands.

The walls are stacked tightly, but the stones are actually only balanced on each other with no mortar to hold them in place.

(via Amusing Planet)

If you ever venture to Ireland (particularly to the Aran Islands), you won’t have to look far to find these stone walls held up by nothing, since they’re everywhere. They might not seem like much, but they’re just as much signs of history as other, more traditional sites, and some are still in use today.

10 Fantastic Reasons To Visit Ireland

Coumeenole 2 Photo Credit- Barbara Walsh Coumeenole 2 Photo Credit Barbara Walsh

It’s no secret that Ireland is home to incredibly beautiful landscape, pristine islands, lush countryside and some architectural marvels in form of ancient Castles. The country has something to offer to every one, from fast-paced city life to untouched countryside. Here are our 10 fantastic reasons to visit Ireland.

1. Stunning Scenery

Cliffs Of Moher Sunset Ireland Photo Credit- Pierre Leclerc Cliffs Of Moher Sunset Ireland Photo Credit Pierre LeclercPhoto Credit- Pierre Leclerc

The Majestic Cliffs of Moher co. Clare, Ireland, at sunset.

2. Ancient Structures

Ancient Stone Alignment Photo Credit- Aidan Moran Ancient Stone Alignment Photo Credit Aidan MoranPhoto Credit- Aidan Moran

Eightercua, a four-stone alignment (stone-row) Megalithic tomb, located 1.5 km south-south-east of Waterville, County Kerry, Ireland.

3. Sea Views Like these

Coumeenole Photo Credit- Barbara Walsh Coumeenole Photo Credit Barbara WalshPhoto Credit- Barbara Walsh

Coumeenole 2 Photo Credit- Barbara Walsh Coumeenole 2 Photo Credit Barbara WalshPhoto Credit- Barbara Walsh

Coumeenole Beach, Dingle Peninsula

4. Pristine Lakes

Lakes of Killarney Photo Credit- Aidan Moran Lakes of Killarney Photo Credit Aidan MoranPhoto Credit- Aidan Moran

The Lakes of Killarney, a renowned scenic attraction in Killarney. They consist of three lakes, Lough Leane, Muckross Lake, and Upper Lake. Lough Leane, pictured here, is the largest of the three lakes. It’s located within Killarney National Park, County Kerry, Ireland.

5. Multicolored hill ranges

Multicolored Carpet of Wicklow Hills Photo Credit- Jenny Rainbow Multicolored Carpet of Wicklow Hills Photo Credit Jenny RainbowPhoto Credit- Jenny Rainbow

These are the dramatic cliffs of Luggala Estate, which is known locally as the Guinness Estate owned by the Guinness Family.

6. Romantic Sunsets

Celtic Cross Sunset Photo Credit- Allan Van Gasbeck Celtic Cross Sunset Photo Credit Allan Van GasbeckPhoto Credit- Allan Van Gasbeck

This is at the ruins of Killilagh Church, Doolin, County Clare, Ireland. Doolin is a charming small seaside village on the northwest coast of County Clare on Irelands Wild Atlantic Way.

Sunset On A Beautiful Winter Day In Galway Photo Credit- Mark E Tisdale Sunset On A Beautiful Winter Day In Galway Photo Credit Mark E TisdalePhoto Credit- Mark E Tisdale

The warm golden hues of setting sun highlights seaside homes in Galway.

7. Intriguing Castles

Dunguaire Castle Photo Credit- Giovanni Chianese Dunguaire Castle Photo Credit Giovanni ChianesePhoto Credit- Giovanni Chianese

Dunguaire Castle, a 16th-century tower house on the southeastern shore of Galway Bay in County Galway, Ireland.

Johnstown Castle, Co Wexford Photo Credit- The Irish Image Cllection Johnstown Castle Co Wexford Photo Credit The Irish Image Cllection Photo Credit- The Irish Image Collection

Johnstown Castle, Co Wexford.

8. Picturesque Islands

Blasket Islands Photo Credit- Barbara Walsh Blasket Islands Photo Credit Barbara WalshPhoto Credit- Barbara Walsh

The Blasket Islands, off the west coast of Ireland.

9. Lush Countryside

Yellow Field Photo Credit- Debra Collins Yellow Field Photo Credit Debra CollinsPhoto Credit- Debra Collins

An Aran Horse Photo Credit- Natasha Bishop An Aran Horse Photo Credit Natasha BishopPhoto Credit- Natasha Bishop

A horse on the Aran Islands, Ireland.

10. Charming Narrow Streets and Colourful Irish Bars

Charming Narrow Street In Kinsale Photo Credit- George Oze Charming Narrow Street In Kinsale Photo Credit George OzePhoto Credit- George Oze

Colorful Narrow Street in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland.

Temple Bar Photo Credit- Mel Steinhauer Temple Bar Photo Credit Mel SteinhauerPhoto Credit- Mel Steinhauer

Barra an Teampaill ( Irish for Temple Bar ), is an area in Central Dublin, on the South Bank of the River Liffey, complete with all of the bar necessities like Tobacco, Whiskey, Live Music Daily, and Guinness !