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When They Learned That Some Kids Felt Left Out, One Company Made Something Amazing

There’s been an awesome push lately to create dolls that don’t just represent an ideal, but celebrate all the different ways people look. Newer dolls on the market display everything from different ethnicities to different body shapes. The Lammily was a doll with the proportions of an average woman, and other artists and designers have also been rethinking the ultra-glam trend in dolls for kids.

Until now, there hasn’t been a lot of representation for kids who look different than other people because of medical conditions and disabilities, and those kids were feeling left out. But now, U.K.-based toy company Makies, which specializes in custom-designed toys, has unveiled a series of 3D-printed, customizable accessories like hearing aids, canes, wheelchairs, and more.

The idea all started with a project called Toy Like Me, which saw the creation of accessories for other toys, letting kids with disabilities feel included and celebrated.

Toy Like Me started as a campaign founded by parents of disabled children to call for more representation in toy companies. They started creating their own accessories for toys their kids already owned, using whatever materials they had to craft prosthetics, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and even service animals. Other people soon caught on, and began modifying their toys as well. They also began reaching out to toy companies and asking them to include disabilities in their products.

Makies, which allows people to create their own custom doll, responded to the Toy Like Me movement and created their own line of doll accessories.

Makies produced a doll with hearing aids and posable hands for sign language, as well as a doll with a facial birthmark.

This doll is signing “I love you.”

Now, Toy Like Me is trying to get Playmobil, LEGO, and Mattel to jump on board.

While Makies answered the call, Toy Like Me wants to contact all toy companies to make sure that kids everywhere, no matter their abilities, can see reflections of themselves, and know that they are valuable people worth celebrating. Check out Toy Like Me’s progress on Facebook, and join the cause yourself by signing their petition. You can also check out Makies’ line of inclusive dolls and accessories.

Here are more amazing dolls that are shaking up the Barbie-style tradition:

She Took A Pencil And Made It Into An Awesome Piece Of Eye-Catching Jewelry

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This Amazing Dog Probably Has More Skills Than You Ever Will

Jumpy Jumpy

Photo Credit:

Jumpy the border collie might just be the most amazing dog you’ve ever seen. In fact, odds are, he even has more skills than you’ll ever have! And, that’s not an insult – after you watch the video below you’ll understand.


This incredible dog was trained by Omar Von Muller out of Los Angeles, a professional dog trainer whose animals have appeared in a number of films, including Uggie, a Jack Russell terrier famous for his roles in Water for Elephants and The Artist. Von Muller formerly trained police dogs, but has since taken up an independent dog training service. You might have seen him on The Tonight Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show or Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While there is no doubt that Von Muller is highly skilled at training dogs, Jumpy obviously has a ton of smarts too. Border Collies in general are often ranked as the most intelligent of dog breeds. In his bestselling book, The Intelligence of Dogs, neuropsychologist Stanley Coren, PhD, focuses on trainability as a marker of intelligence, relying on the assessments of 110 breeds by more than 200 professional dog obedience judges who scored breeds based on working/obedience tests. Border Collie was No. 1.

What do you think – could Jumpy be the most talented dog on the planet? Or, do you know one who could do even better?

First 21 Days Of Bee’s Life Are Captured In This Inspiring Video

First 21 Days Of Bee’s Life Are Captured In This Inspiring Video
The first 21 days of a bees life are captured in this inspiring video by photographer Anand Varma. We’ve heard that bees are disappearing. But what is making bee colonies so vulnerable? Photographer Anand Varma raised bees in his backyard — in front of a camera — to get an up close view.

This project, for National Geographic, gives a lyrical glimpse into a bee hive — and reveals one of the biggest threats to its health, a mite that preys on baby bees in the first 21 days of life. With his incredible footage, set to music from Magik*Magik Orchestra, Varma shows the problem … and what’s being done to solve it.(via:TED,NNGJapan)

Doctors Post Pics Where They Sleep At Work To Defend Med Resident Caught Asleep

After a Mexican blog posted a picture of a medical resident sleeping behind a desk at a hospital in Monterrey, Mexico, and attacked her for not doing her job, doctors around the world leapt to her defense by posting pictures of themselves caught napping during some of their most grueling shifts.

1 158

2 229

3 318

4 416

5 517

6 615

7 715

8 815

9 915

10 1013

11 1117

12 1214

13 1313

14 1412

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16 1612

These images are going viral under the hashtag#YoTambienMeDormi (“I’ve also fallen asleep” in Spanish).In the 1980s, a high-profile case involving the death of a girl named Libby Zion at a hospital staffed by exhausted doctors led to the drafting of the Libby Zion Law. This law limits NY physicians’ work hours per week to “only” 80, showing just how overworked some of our doctors are.(via:boredpanda)

What An Illinois Couple Found When They Tore Up Their Floorboards Is Amazing

We’ve all been there — we hear a faint noise coming from somewhere in our house or apartment. No matter how hard we search, we have no idea where it’s originating, let alone, what it might be.

But when an Illinois couple heard some faint noises, they discovered it was coming from underneath their porch. And they weren’t about to ignore it. It was no small project, as they tore up the floorboards entirely, but it was so worth it, because what Tom and Melissa found tucked away under there really needed their help.

They discovered five hypothermic coyote pups, covered in mud.

No one is sure what happened to their mother, but she was nowhere in sight.

Unfortunately, one of the pups had already succumbed to the cold, and lay stiff among it’s wiggly siblings.

Dawn Keller, director of the rescue organization, believes that these pups were only born the day before the rescue took place.

The little ones will stay at the rescue center until they’re strong enough to get ready for rehabilitation.

They’ll be introduced to a surrogate coyote momma, who will teach them their coyote ways before they are released back into the wild.

(source The Dodo)

If you’d like to make a donation to the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation center, you’d be helping more babies like these little pups. Just last year they had a similar coyote pup situation, and all the members of that litter were successfully released back into the wild. We wish all the best to these four cubs, too!

For more successful animal rescues, look no further…

Breathtaking Leaf Bowls Made Out Of Real Leaf Skeletons

leafbowls leafbowls

There are many bowls designed after nature, but few actually rely on natural ingredients. Talented Japanese artist Kay Sekimachi has quite an impressive portfolio, including her most well known work involving labor intensive loom works, but she is now gaining attention for her beautiful and delicate leaf bowls.

The delicate bowls are made from the skeletons of maple leaves, as well as other types. Sekimachi transforms the skeleton leaves into solid lasting structures by adding Kozo paper, watercolor and Krylon coating to each leaf.

As many of the best artists do, Kay Sekimachi draws a lot of inspiration from her struggles in the past. The artist was born in 1926 in California but along with many other Japanese Americans she was held at the Topaz Relocation Center in Delta, UT, during World War II. Despite her struggles she went on to succeed, graduating from the California College of Arts and Crafts in 1949. It was here that she discovered her love for weaving.

After seeing some of her peers working in the weaving room she went out and spent all of her savings on a loom, despite the fact she didn’t know how to use it yet. She has since become very well known for her loom works, as well as many other artistic talents she has mastered over 60+ years as an artist, including hornet’s nest paper and grass.

leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-3 leaf bowl art kai sekimachi 3

The veins of the leaves run trails through the preserved leaf skeletons, giving each delicate leaf bowl its own unique and unmatched qualities.

leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-5 leaf bowl art kai sekimachi 5

Sekimachi has authored several crafting books, some on her own and some she has co-authored with her husband, Bob Stocksdale. The super team couple, who married in 1972, has an art exhibition, The Realm Of Nature, scheduled from July 3 to October 18 at the Bellevue Arts Museum in Washington.

leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-7 leaf bowl art kai sekimachi 7leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-1 leaf bowl art kai sekimachi 1leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-2 leaf bowl art kai sekimachi 2leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-4 leaf bowl art kai sekimachi 4leaf-bowl-art-kai-sekimachi-9 leaf bowl art kai sekimachi 9

Photo Credits: Amazon, (h/t: mymodernmet)

These 15 Pictures Have Perfect Angles. You'll Definitely Look Twice

How often have you taken a picture of something ordinary, only to later discover that you captured something magical? This magic moment could result from any combination of luck, good timing, a great angle, and a bevy of other factors. However, once it happens, you can’t unsee it, and it changes the moment forever. Unfortunately for these photos, their seemingly ordinary moments turned into something…different, to say the least.

1. Save something for the wedding night.

2. Ladies, please.

3. Man, that’s a tough cookie to crack.

4. Up, up…and AWAY!

5. Yum!

6. I hear it’s legal in Colorado now.

7. “I think I lost my keys in here.”

8. Juuuuust the right angle.

9. Na na na na….BATMAN!

10. Ruff…RUFF!

11. “I think ya got a little hole in your britches, youngin’.”

12. Just a sec…

13. That dress looks good on you, bro.

14. Straighten up and fly right.

15. What kind of pageant is this?

(via Acid Cow)

I wonder what these people were trying to actually capture when they took these photos. I guess we’ll never know…